Drinking Water Testing Kit by First Alert

Drinking Water Testing Kit by First Alert

First Alert WT1 Drinking Water Test Kit

Features: Drinking water test kit, Tests for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrites/nitrates, chlorine, hardness, and pH, Kit includes all test materials, No laboratory testing necessary, Tests to EPA standards

The First Alert Drinking Water Test Kit tests for elements in your drinking water system that can lead to serious health problems. It tests and provides immediate results for:

  • Bacteria–Strains of E. coli can cause serious illness or death.
  • Lead–Causes developmental harm, neurological damage, and kidney damage.
  • Pesticides–From agricultural uses, linked to increased cancer rates.
  • Nitrates/nitrites–From fertilizers and animal waste, causes developmental problems.
  • Chlorine–By-products can increase cancer risk and cause bad taste and odor.
  • Hardness–Causes lime scale and higher detergent use.
  • pH–Can cause heavy metal (such as lead) leaching and plumbing damage.

The Water Test Kit tests to EPA standards. The kit includes all testing materials; no further lab work is required for results.–Bree Norlander

What’s in the Box
One bacteria test vial, one lead/pesticide test packet, one nitrate/nitrite test packet, one pH/hardness/chlorine test packet, and user’s manual

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This is a simple test kit for testing your drinking water. This is a one time test kit. Check for lead, nitrates, pesticides, pH, and Hardness. This is a simple test kit that everyone should try once. If you find anything that concerns you with this kit, You should send your water off to a lab to get a precise measurement of your drinking water.