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Faucet mounted water filters list. Easy to attach water systems that attach to your faucet.

Faucet Mounted Water Filter DuPont With Meter

Made by DuPont, A trusted company. This faucet mounted water filter has a meter that keeps up the amount of water used so that you know when the filter should be replaced.

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DuPont WFFM350XCH Electric Metered 200-Gallon Deluxe Faucet Mount Premium Water Filtration Filter, Chrome

Features: Easy-to-read electronic display shows how many gallons faucet water filter has cleaned; helps measure filter life, Ultra performance filtration and better tasting water in one convenient filter, Includes filter which reduces sediment, chlorine, cycts, lindane, benzene, asbestos, mercury and lead, Improves the taste, odor, and clarity of your water, Microban Antimicrobial product protection built-in to cartridge housing and media for improved filter life

Bring technology and design to your tap with faucet water filters that are easy to set up and convenient when you need great-tasting refreshment. DuPont faucet mount water filtration systems offer economical, high performance filtration and better tasting water in one convenient filter. Our best faucet water filter measures the number of gallons filtered, so you know how much water you’re using. An easy-to-read electronic display tells you how many gallons your faucet water filter has cleaned. The Deluxe Faucet Mount Drinking Water Filter system includes one model FMC300, 200 gallon cartridge, which reduces sediment, chlorine, cycts, lindane, benzene, asbestos, mercury and lead. It also improves the taste, odor, and clarity of your water. The filter has a 200 gallon filter capacity. This system also includes Microban Antimicrobial product protection built-in to the cartridge housing and media for improved filter life and performance. The faucet mount filter attaches to standard kitchen faucets. The system includes Electronic Metered Deluxe Faucet Mount, One (1) ultra-protection faucet mount cartridge, two (2) faucet adapters, two (2) washers, lifetime battery (already installed) and plumbing tape. It has a 4-year limited warranty.
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Culligan Model FM-25 Mount On The Faucet Filter

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter with Advanced Water Filtration, Chrome Finish

Features: Advanced Filter Faucet Mount with 0.5 gpm flow rate at 60 psi, Simple diverter tab allows quick switch from advanced quality filtered water to regular tap water, Faucet filter and cartridge are easy-to-install, no tools required, FM-25 advanced filtration filter reduces atrazine, chlorine, lindane, lead, particulates class I, turbidity while removing bad taste and order, Includes FM-25R filter cartridge: FM-15RA filters for a full 200 gallons or 2 months for fresher, cleaner drinking water, System tested and certified by NSF International against ANSI Standard 42 and 53, Includes adapters to fit all standard sink nozzles, IMPORTANT: the FM-25 does not fit on drop down faucets, Pressure Range: 30-100 psi, Temperature Range: 40-100 degrees fahrenheit

The Culligan FM-25 Advanced Water Filtration Faucet Mount includes adapters for all standard sinks. The simple design allows for easy, no-tools-needed installation with a simple diverter tab to go from regular tap water to advanced quality filtered water for drinking and cooking. The Culligan FM-25R Advanced filter lasts for 200 gallons, or 2 months and filters out atrazine, chlorine, lindane, sediment, turbidity while removing bad taste and order. Don’t settle for lower quality water when cleaner water is so easy.
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There are many positive reviews for this model water filter from Culligan. Design allows for easy mounting to the faucet. Chrome finish.

PUR Model FM-3700B Faucet Mounted

PUR 3-Stage Advanced Faucet Water Filter, 7.7-Inch by 3.2-Inch, Chrome

Features: Certified to remove over 70 contaminants, including 99% of Lead, 92% of pesticides, 96% of Mercury, MineralClear filters water over natural minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste (Only available with Advanced and Advanced Plus Faucet Water Filters), Built-in electronic filter life indicator tells you when the filter needs to be changed, Easy 1-click installation makes it easy to remove and replace when you need extra room in the sink, 360-degree swivel allows it to fit well in most sinks, High-quality construction: new finishes and materials stand up to tough kitchen use, Each filter provides up to 100 gallons of clean water or up to 3 months of use, Compatible with standard faucets. Will not work with pull-out or hand-held faucets

The improved next generation of PUR faucet water filter is at your service with the PUR Advanced Faucet Water Filter – Chrome FM-3700B. With 1-click installation, superior contaminant removal, and a Two-year warranty, there’s never been an easier or more reliable way to get PUR water. Each PUR faucet water filter gives you up to 100 gallons (2 – 3 months) of clean, healthy, great-tasting water.
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Model FM-3700B attaches easily to your faucet.  I had this very model.  Light on the filter lets you know when to change the filter.  Removes 99% of lead and some pharmaceuticals.